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The Delta Museum and Archives Society is a non-profit organization governed by a member-elected board of trustees representing the diverse aspects of our community. In addition to owning Delta’s museum and archives collections, the Society strengthens the Delta Museum and Delta Archives operations through advisory, fund development and community engagement initiatives.

DMAS strives to ensure that Delta’s cultural and natural heritage will be preserved, understood and celebrated throughout our community.


Discover Delta's rich history and diverse culture through one of many historically themed programs, tours and seasonal special events offered by the Delta Museum and Archives.  

Come explore with us and discover Delta's history!


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Our North Delta:  Historical events and people that shaped our community


George Mackie Library and the North Delta Advisory Group of the Delta Museum and Archives Society present a series of afternoon talks on the history of North Delta. Come learn about the people and events that shaped North Delta as we know it today. Each will be held in the George Mackie Library Meeting Room 3, Saturday afternoons at 2pm. Free admission.


Burns Bog History: February 3rd at 2pm Hear about the event-filled history of the largest raised peat bog in North America. First Nations’ tales, attempts at ranching and farming, and the suspenseful fight to preserve the Bog’s ecology will highlight this rare opportunity to hear Eliza Olson, the founder and president of the Burns Bog Conservation Society, and long-time Bog advocate Don DeMill tell us their stories of Burns Bog. Assisted by Sandra Clark, Valerie Adolph, and Brenda Macdonald.D:DocumentsNorth Delta Advisory Groupi-27868_142.jpg

The Japanese of North Delta: February 10th at 2pm Where have all the Japanese    fishermen and farmers of North Delta gone? Where did they live?  Come hear about the lives of the early Japanese settlers, their contribution to our community and their final evacuation to internment camps during World War II. You’ll hear true stories and see historical images presented by Mark Boyter, Nancy Demwell, John Macdonald and Len StrohD:DocumentsNorth Delta Advisory Group4584dc80-9f67-4c0d-a851-e854fa10b54e.jpg

Who the heck is Annie: March 3rd at 2pm Hear stories of how Norwegian fishermen carved their homes out of the dense forests along the Fraser River to build what is now known as Annieville and Sunbury. See historical images and explore artifacts of these fishing communities, and maybe discover who was Annie of Annieville. Presented by Valerie Adolph, assisted by Les Starheim, Gordon Lande and Rita Hagman.D:DocumentsNorth Delta Advisory Group1981-070-002.jpg






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RIGHT NOW! Canada 150: Delta Stories



History - Past and Future

The Delta Museum and Archive's Society Board of Trustees is pleased to launch our Delta Stories
initiative in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday and to kick things off we would like to share our story. 

We began in 1961 as a meeting of citizens interested in recording reminiscences, mapping homesteads and obtaining photographs and officially became the Delta Historical and Museum Society in 1968. In November 1969 the museum opened on the main floor of Delta’s historic 2 nd Municipal Hall in Ladner. In 1970, Mary Brown was hired as curator at $1.75 an hour for nine hours a week and more than 6000 visitors were welcomed. In 1979 the Archives opened and the combined Museum and Archives occupied all three floors of the old building. In the same year, the Society officially changed its name to Delta Museum and Archives Society. 

With the financial support of the Municipality of Delta, our members and our donors, the Society has worked to preserve the natural and human history of Delta and to interpret and present it to the citizens of Delta and the wider community. The Society’s collections have grown - the museum alone has more than 35,000 items in its care – and the professional expertise of staff has kept pace with the standards expected of modern museum and archives operations. 

Over the years, the Society and members of the community have recognized the need for more modern facilities for the effective operation of the Museum and Archives. In January 2011 the new Delta Archives and Edgar Dunning Reading Room opened on the main floor of the building that had been Delta’s 3 rd Municipal Hall. In May of 2016, the Society and Delta entered into an agreement which will see a new museum and cultural space open next to the Archives in 2018 and which provides long term stability by moving operations to the municipality. The board of trustees looks forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary and to the opening of the new space in 2018.


If you have a great Delta story and/or photo to share during Canada's 150 year, please send it to: 



Your Delta Stories: (click on title to read the story)

Doug Husband: Early Days in Ladner

Nancy Demwell: North Delta's Scott Lake

Teresa Cooper: Ladner Girls

Linda Nygard: My Family in Annieville and Sunbury

Wm. Baird Blackstone: 1925 Underwood

Gary Cullen: The Treaty of Washington Monument 

Barbara Baydala: Back to the Archives

Deborah Jones: Cougar Creek Streamkeepers

Barbara Baydala: Back to the Archives 2

Nancy Demwell: North Delta's Skid Row

Gary Cullen: Tsawwassen's Pansy Mae "Cabaret"

Barbara Budd: Brian Budd

Lisa Hoglund, Randy Kaardal: Tenacious Spirit

Gary Cullen: Drilling for Oil in Delta

Sylvia Bishop: A Blast from the Past 

Val Roddick: Barns and Sloughs

George, Lily, Susie, and Elsie Cheng: The Cheng Family

Nancy Demwell: The Waters of Watershed Park 

George V. Harvie's Delta Story

Gary Cullen: Tsawwassen Beach Store

Barbara Baydala: Lets Dance

John McDonald: North Delta's Japanese Canadians

Nancy Demwell: Those Radical Veterans from Poverty Hill

Nancy Demwell: The Gumboot Navy 

John McDonald: North Delta's Japanese Canadians

John McDonald: When River Road Followed the Shoreline

Nancy Demwell/John McDonald: North Delta History: Japanese Settlement pre World War II

Nancy Demwell/John McDonald: North Delta History: Japanese Internment During the Second World War



If you would like more information about the Society contact us at 604 946-9315 or info@dmasociety.org

To contact Delta Archives staff, call 604 952-3832.

To contact Delta Museum staff, call 604 946-2850





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