Board of School Trustees, School District No. 37 (Delta) fonds - Fonds Description

Title Board of School Trustees, School District No. 37 (Delta) fonds
Description Level Fonds
Fonds No. CR-6
Creator School District No. 37 (Delta). Board of School Trustees
Material Type multiple media
Date Range 1895-1978
Physical Description 11 m of textual records
ca. 226 photographs
ca. 61 architectural drawings
9 maps
History/Biographical The Public Schools Act of 1872 established a system of non-denominational, government funded public education in British Columbia. The Act created a “Public School Fund” and a Provincial Board of Education chaired by the Superintendent. The 1872 Act made provisions for two types of school districts – defined and undefined (later termed assisted) – which provided different levels of funding depending on the number of school age children who were enrolled in the district. A defined school district required a minimum of fifteen children between the ages of 5 and 16; an undefined local school required a minimum of seven and a maximum of fourteen school age children in attendance. In formally defined school districts, the provincial government met the entire costs of education, including teacher’s salaries, building costs, equipment and school furnishings; in assisted schools the government provided discretionary grants to help with costs. The residents in the Ladner area petitioned the government for a school district in 1873. The Trenant School District boundaries were published in 1873 and a schoolhouse built and opened by August 1875. The first three school trustees for the Trenant School District were W. Kent, W. Arthur and W.H. Ladner (1873-1874). Between 1873 and 1906 seven school districts were established in the Delta Municipal area: Trenant (1873), Canoe Pass/Westham Island (1884), Boundary Bay (1886, later downgraded to assisted), Delta (1888), Gulfside (1892), Ladner (1893), and Sunbury (1902, started as assisted school in 1897). In 1906 the several once-separate school districts were combined to form the Rural Municipality School District, Delta. The new district structure provided the trustees with more flexibility to allocate funds as they saw fit, for example, to raise teachers’ salaries as reward for good service, to repair and improve schools and grounds, and hire additional staff. The first trustees of the new district were Robert Kittson (Chairman), Paul Swenson, Smith Wright, William Pybus, and R.H. Quaggan. N.A. McDiarmid was hired as Secretary. In 1946 the existing school districts in the province were consolidated into seventy-four large administrative units, each of which were assigned numbers. The Delta School District became S.D. 37. The Board of School Trustees is run as a corporation under the authority of the provincial government’s Department/Ministry of Education, and subject to the School Act (RSBC, 1996, c.412). The trustees control the allocation of budget money provided by the provincial government, drive local policy initiatives, and hire district personnel. Originally five trustees were elected to two-year terms, three elected one year and two the next. Elections were then changed so that all trustees were elected at once and terms increased to three years. In 1981, the number of trustees increased to seven. Until the 1970s the Board was required to hold a referendum in order to build new schools, with a sixty percent “yes” vote necessary for a project to be approved. In 1980 an amendment to the School Act allowed school boards to appoint their own superintendent, continuing the trend to more local autonomy. As an employee of the Board, the Superintendent assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer, removing some of the power that the Secretary-Treasurer previously enjoyed. The Superintendent is primarily concerned with implementing Board policy, and therefore with the education received by students. The Secretary-Treasurer deals with the administration of finances.
Custodial History Records transferred to Archives from the Board of School Trustees office.
Scope & Content The fonds consists primarily of records created and received by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board of School Trustees, and therefore are largely related to the functions of this office, which include: keeping records of all meetings; all matters of finance, the operation and maintenance of buildings, the maintenance of furniture and equipment; and all purchases required by the Board, as well as stocks of supplies and merchandise. Records were originally arranged in accordance with these functions, and this order has been maintained or restored. Twenty-two series have been identified, including:
Administrative maintenance records
Cartographic material
Committee records
Construction records
Equipment and maintenance records
Examination results records
Financial records
Fire records
Legal documents
Minutes of meetings
Miscellaneous records
Permanent school records
Personnel records
Policy records
Registers of Pupils
Textbook records
Visitors Books
Notes Title based on contents of the fonds
Access Restriction Records that contain personal information may be subject to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. Some records are closed to viewing.
Finding Aids Series descriptions and folder inventories are available. Item level descriptions of some photographs are available. To view reference copies of photographs, see Photograph Reference binders under photo number.
Accession No. 1978-018k; 1982-081; 1984-042; 1984-169; 1985-035; 1990-001; 1992-065; 1992-081; 1993-018; 1996-035
Name Access Oliver, John ; Smith, S.L. ; Kittson, Robert Edward ; Weaver, John
Subject Access trustees ; boards ; Schools ; school boards ; school records ; Secondary Schools ; Elementary Schools

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