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Search results are sorted by relevance and each provides a link to the fond level description and optionally to the complete finding aid.   Canned searches can be used to generate finding aids dynamically from the database, or for lists of popular topics.

Sample Finding Aids:

Sample Searches:

Search Tips

Within search boxes:

  • Search terms are automatically joined by AND
    (e.g. fishing boat finds fishing AND boat)
  • Use / for OR
    (e.g. halibut / salmon)
  • Use ! for NOT
    (e.g. halibut ! salmon)
  • Use " " to search for a phrase
    (e.g. "gillnet boats")

Special characters:

  • Use * for truncation
    (e.g. fish* finds fish, fishing, fisheries, etc.)
  • Use >, <, >=, <= for greater or less than
    (e.g. >= 1999 finds dates from 1999 onwards)
  • Use : to search a range
    (e.g. 1999:2003, example:sample)

More help is available.