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Delta is a community whose prehistory, history and current situation depend greatly on natural resources such as farming, fishing and village life. People of many cultures have shared in these experiences and this is reflected in the exhibits, objects, photographs and labels that are in the collections of the Delta Museum and Archives Society.  

The Delta Museum and Archives Society holds the historical evidence of Delta's past and acquires material pertaining to the natural and human heritage of what is now the Corporation of Delta. The Museum collections consist of objects which originate from individuals, families, businesses and organizations of Delta.

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Building Our Collection

The Delta Museum and Archives Society continues to grow and is dedicated to preserving and presenting our history. Donations are the main method of expanding our collections and we regularly accept donations to improve our collection. In this way the community is integral in preserving Delta's history.

If you have an artifact, or archival material such as old records or photographs, that is of historical value and would consider donating it to the Museum or Archives, please contact the Curator or Archivist

Acquisition Strategy

How to Donate Artifacts, Records and Photographs

Objects donated to the Delta Museum and Archives Society's collections must be in good condition. Supporting documentation such as an old photograph showing the object in use, instruction manual, purchase receipt, guarantee certificate or product packaging is very useful. Donors may request tax receipts for donations with a fair market value of $25.00 or more.   

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