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Outreach Exhibits

Let the Delta Museum and Archives Society's outreach exhibits bring a little history to your community or event. These exhibits explore the lives and history of Deltans through a variety of themes. To request an exhibit, please contact the Curator at 604-946-9322 ext.223.

** Exhibits marked with asterisks contain models, which require locked display cases.

A River of Memories: Annieville, Sunbury and River Road  **
Trace the history and the changes that have occurred in the landscape and the lives of the people who have called Sunbury and Annieville home since the first settlement in the 1860s.
(This exhibit can be displayed with the smaller 4-panel system or with the larger 8-panel system that includes a model).

All Eyes on the Potato
Look closely at that potato on your plate. If it is a Delta potato, then you are looking at a vegetable that has won awards, set records, caused political turmoil and aggravated racial tension. In short, the potato has been "King" in the Delta's farming history. You won't see potatoes quite the same way again.

Boundary Bay Airport
Trace the history of the Airport from its construction as an RCAF Station in World War II, its use as a cold war listening post between 1950 and 1971, to its latest transformation as a busy municipal airport.

The Boundary Bay Oyster Plant
BC Packers Ltd. established a successful oyster harvesting and processing operation on Boundary Bay in 1940. The oyster plant flourished until 1963, when pollution in the bay forced its closure. Discover the history of an important local industry in Delta.
Cammidge House and Boundary Bay: The Early Years
The story of this heritage home located at Boundary Bay Regional Park is told in this exhibit, accompanied by photographs that show the community of Boundary Bay as it looked around 1910.

Dyking and Draining the Delta
The low lying lands of Delta are at risk from flooding from winter storm surges, spring floods or freshets and extreme precipitation events. This exhibit focuses on the events leading to the construction of Delta's first municipal dyke in 1892 and 1895.

East Delta Hall
The McKee Athletic Hall, now known as East Delta Hall, was from the beginning a community affair. This exhibit celebrates this heritage landmark and the community spirit it embodies.
The Eye Behind the Lens: The Photographs of Edith Pearson
Discover the world of amateur photography in the early 1900s through the lens of Edith Pearson. This New Westminster resident kept many photo albums documenting her family life and summer vacations at Boundary Bay.

Food for Thought: a History of Dining on the Delta
What we eat, how it's prepared and the way it's presented at the table have all evolved over the last century. From the lavish Edwardian table, through war rationing, to the fondue pot of the 1960's. Take a look at the influences on food fashions and their resulting paraphernalia. Bon Appetit!

High and Dry! The Struggle for Ladner Harbour 1880-2005
Keeping Ladner Harbour open for business has truly been a struggle. The old deep water channel coursing by Ladner's Landing and Port Guichon in the latter half of the 1800s was routinely threatened with sediment build up in the 1900s. Trace the natural and engineered changes to Ladner's waterfront.

Hot Off the Presses
Delta's first newspaper, the Delta News, was published on February 22, 1902. Twenty years later, the first issue of our oldest newspaper, the Delta Optimist rolled off the presses. Celebrate these two milestones in life of our community with a look at the newspapers that have kept us informed for the last one hundred years.

The Japanese Canadian Experience in Delta
Between February and April of 1942, Delta's Japanese Canadian citizens, more than 8% of Delta's population, were removed from their homes to camps in BC's interior and prairie beet farms. This exhibit attempts to recover the names and stories of these people who have largely disappeared from our history.

Let's Celebrate Indo-Canadian Festivals!

Look into the history and vibrant celebrations of Delta's Indo-Canadian community festivals from Vaisakhi in the spring to Diwali in late fall.

The Porches of Delta
In the decades following World War II, an important architectural feature quietly disappeared from the typical North American home. The sociable outdoor space once provided by the front porch was replaced by the privacy of the backyard patio and the nature of neighbourhood communications changed as a result. Take a look at the porches of Delta, then and now, and ask how they affect our sense of community.

Something Old, Something New: Wedding Clothes and Customs
From the bride's dress to the cake and flowers, wedding customs are imbued with a greater meaning, bearing the promise of happiness and good fortune for the new couple. This exhibit showcases matrimonial traditions with many examples from Delta's past. 

Somewhere in France: Letters from WWI
Follow the trials and tribulations of combat in WWI through the eyes of the Swenson brothers. In letters home to their family members, these two Delta boys captured the history, horrors, melancholy, and joy of Canada's first World War.

Strong Medicine: History of Delta Healthcare

From home remedies, to house calls, to a hospital of our own, the history of the delivery of healthcare in Delta has paralleled that of the rural Canadian experience. Depending on space availability, this exhibit can take a broad approach or focus on a particular aspect of healthcare.

Toys: Unplugged
Whizzers? Meccano? Paper dolls? Toys and games that enchanted the children of Delta in the first half of the twentieth century - before we became plugged into electronic entertainment. 


STREETSCAPES OF DELTA -- This special series of exhibits let us go back to the days when the streets of Delta were first established and trace the changes that have evolved over time.

56th Street-From Cedar to Palm Trees
Once known as Boundary Bay Road, the views of 56th Street have changed drastically from its days as a wagon road lined by ancient forest and newly cleared farmland to a highway bordered by strip malls and exotic palm trees.

A Walk Through Time: Westham Street (48th Avenue) **
By 1900, a mix of small businesses, churches and residences had been built on Westham Street. Many of these early buildings still stand and are used today. Trace the changes to this historic street from the bridge at Chilukthan Slough to the condominiums sitting where Chung Chuck's potato field used to be at 47A Street.

Delta's Main Street: Delta Street from 1890 to 1980
From its heyday as Delta's commercial "Main Street" to the street's decline and experience with urban renewal in the 1970s.

Scott Road: From Trail to Highway
From its beginning as a trail through dense woods and swamps to a modern street of strip malls and residential development, the changes in Scott Road have happened in a relatively short time. The images ask us to consider the nature of memory and of belonging.

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