Museum Quick Search

Search results are sorted by relevance and each provides brief information and a link to record details.   Canned searches can be used for lists of popular topics.

Sample Searches:

Search Tips

Within search boxes:

  • Search terms are automatically joined by AND
    (e.g. fishing boat finds fishing AND boat)
  • Use / for OR
    (e.g. halibut / salmon)
  • Use ! for NOT
    (e.g. halibut ! salmon)
  • Use " " to search for a phrase
    (e.g. "gillnet boats")

Special characters:

  • Use * for truncation
    (e.g. fish* finds fish, fishing, fisheries, etc.)
  • Use >, <, >=, <= for greater or less than
    (e.g. >= 1999 finds dates from 1999 onwards)
  • Use : to search a range
    (e.g. 1999:2003, example:sample)

More help is available.